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Aug 29 2013

Caveat Superior: Employers Can Be Held Responsible For Their Employees Social Media Posts

Most employers already know that many of their employees are engaging in social media while at the workplace. Whether its posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram or looking at others’ posts on those time-draining sites, many employers are concerned about how much labor time is being frittered away during these “Digital smoke breaks.” Many …

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Oct 19 2012

Congress Must Stop the ADA Shakedown Racket – And Here’s How

Like many statutes that are passed to correct a societal wrong, creative members of the legal community find a way to monetize the situation. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed with the noblest of intentions -to make sure that places of public accommodation were accessible to the handicapped. Who could argue with that? …

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Apr 13 2012

Restaurant Workers Suit: I Was Harassed By Dumplings!

Looks like upscale NYC Chinese restaurant, Chin Chin, may be headed for an “X” rating instead of its current “A” from the NYC Dept. of Health if a former worker’s allegations are borne out! A former bartender filed a Federal lawsuit last week alleging that kitchen workers repeatedly harassed her by flashing penis-shaped dumplings at …

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Apr 05 2012

Bar Owners Beware! Not Paying for Tunes Can Be Costly!

Owners of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other venues that play background music or have live music at their establishments should take note of the Ninth Circuit’s decision last month in Range Road Music v. East Coast Foods where it held up a large award against a restaurant that refused to pay a licensing fee for …

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