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Employment Law

Caveat Superior: Employers Can Be Held Responsible For Their Employees Social Media Posts

Most employers already know that many of their employees are engaging in social media while at the workplace. Whether its posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram or looking at others’ posts on those time-draining sites, many employers are concerned about how much labor time is being frittered away during these “Digital smoke breaks.” Many […]

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Entertainment Law

On Trying Your Case In The Media

Embattled Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez added tough-talking, brash, defense attorney Joseph Tacopina to his defense team and Joe took off for the races. Not one to ever say no to a camera, Tacopina began a flurry of interviews where he accused the Yankees Organization of everything from malpractice regarding treatment of A-Rod’s injuries; to […]

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Constitutional Law

What To Do When The Client Wants To Lie

It’s Legal Ethical Conundrum # 1. At some point in their practice, every lawyer has faced this dilemma and had to figure out how to confront it and resolve it for themselves. It’s also why a lot of folks hate lawyers, because they believe that most lawyers have no qualms about putting a client up […]