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Nov 15 2012

A Call for Some Restraint in Making E-Mail Related Arrests

For the past five to ten years or so, emails have increasingly become the source of a myriad of criminal complaints. Today, I was able to obtain a dismissal of a charge brought against my client after it was established that the complainant had actually sent the offending emails to herself. I decided to write …

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Oct 27 2012

Paul Ceglia Arrested on Fraud Charges Stemming From Facebook Lawsuit -No Shock There!

Paul Ceglia,the plaintiff, in a bizarre case brought against Facebook in a Western New York Federal Court was arrested by the US Attorney’s Office yesterday. Ceglia claimed in court that he had a contract from back in 2003 that proved that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg promised him 50% of the company Zuckerberg was developing. He …

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Oct 05 2012

NY Appeals Court: Failure To Issue Litigation Hold Is Not Necessarily Gross Negligence

OK so this is not a sexy topic, like the Presidential Debate or Lindsay Lohan’s courtroom attire, but it is important. In a decision that will surprise many litigators, the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (which covers NY) recently held in Chin v. Port Authority that the failure by a law …

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Aug 15 2012

Judge Fines Plaintiff and Lawyer in Quirky Lawsuit Against Facebook

I have been following and blogging about the strange case filed in Federal District Court in Buffalo New York by Paul Ceglia and his lawyer Dean Boland. Ceglia claims he has a written agreement between him and Mark Zuckerberg where Zuckerberg agrees to give him 50% of Facebook in exchange for a small investment and …

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