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Jul 14 2013

Loss of Focus Caused Loss of Case -Top 5 Reasons for the Not Guilty Verdict

The acquittal of George Zimmerman may make me very uncomfortable, but it was inevitable. This case says less about racial equality and racial profiling in America than it says about the State of Florida and its criminal justice system. Here are some quick thoughts on why this verdict was rendered: (1) the Government overcharged the …

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Jul 02 2013

Prosecution Appears Asleep At the Wheel in George Zimmerman Case

OK, so the eyes of the nation (at least those without daytime jobs) are all on the George Zimmerman trial. I am not a fan of cameras in the courtroom as a general rule but I just caught a few snippets of what is transpiring and I am a little shocked at how the prosecution …

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May 22 2013

With Equal Rights Comes Equal Responsibility

You would be hard pressed to find anyone more in favor of equal rights for gay men and women than yours truly. But I am completely dumbstruck at the outrage expressed over the arrest of Kaitlyn Hunt, an 18 year old girl from Florida, who was charged with lewd and lascivious battery of a child …

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Mar 29 2012

Lack of Arrest Not Self-Defense Is The Issue in Trayvon Martin Case

OK, I know there is no need to tell you who Trayvon Martin is or why his case is getting all this attention, so let me jump right in to the issue as I see it. Yes, Florida has an absurd self-defense law when it states that you can use deadly physical force without having …

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