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In its treatment of Ronald Sullivan, Harvard Chooses Political Correctness Over the US Constitution

Harvard University said this week that Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr., a law professor who has represented disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein would not continue as faculty dean of Winthrop House, an undergraduate house after his term ends on June 30, cowing to months of pressure from students. The professor, Ronald S. Sullivan Jr., and his […]

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Will Next Generation of Lawyers Be Too Soft?

Its a cliche when  an older generation laments that the next generation coming up is “too soft” Think of the old joke about a parent telling their child that they used to walk uphill to school “both ways!”  So I risk being labeled an old hack when I say law schools are in danger of […]

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Can’t Handle Exams In Light of Garner Decision? Maybe Law Isn’t For You

Harvard University is now considering joining Columbia Law in granting extensions for final exams to those students too traumatized by the Grand Jury decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. : “The grand juries’ determinations to return non-indictments in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases have shaken the faith of some in […]


Elena Kagan Needs to Read Justice Souter’s Speech to Harvard Law

I know its a nice sunny summer afternoon and no one wants to work their brains too hard, but someone just sent me the text of a speech retired  Supreme Court Justice David Souter gave to the graduating class of Harvard Law a few days ago and while he didn’t mention Supreme Court nominee Elena […]