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Apr 07 2015

Blast Lawsuit Is Desperate Plea For Attention – But Women in Suit Claim They Were Wrongly Portrayed

Today as I was getting my morning coffee, I glanced at the NY Post headline that read “Trauma Queens” over a picture of two twenty-somethings who had filed a lawsuit over the East Village explosion that occurred on March 26th. The article stated that the young women had filed lawsuits seeking $20 Million apiece over …

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Jul 24 2013

Courts Should Allow Jurors To Ask Questions and Take Notes

In most states in the Union, including NY where I primarily practice, the concept of allowing jurors to take notes and even ask questions is gaining in popularity. Most federal courts allow juror note-taking but not juror questioning of witnesses. Having recently tried a lengthy civil trial where the jury was allowed to both take …

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May 16 2010

The Kim Kardashian Effect

OK, what could Kim Kardashian possibly effect that would be worthy of a post on a law-themed blog? Nothing really, but she is among the most searched names on the internet and one of the Top 5 “tags” that drives viewers to websites, so I figured why not get some traffic to the blog by …

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