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Entertainment Law

Meet the Copyright Thief No One Will Prosecute!

Hollywood and the music industry have been on a rampage railing against copyright abuse, sending cease and desist letters with outrageous monetary demands to little girls, schoolteachers, and yes repeat hackers who illegally download and distribute their films and albums. Yet, right there on Page 1 of the NY Times, is a story about one […]

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Fair Labor/Wage and Hour

Restaurant Workers Suit: I Was Harassed By Dumplings!

Looks like upscale NYC Chinese restaurant, Chin Chin, may be headed for an “X” rating instead of its current “A” from the NYC Dept. of Health if a former worker’s allegations are borne out! A former bartender filed a Federal lawsuit last week alleging that kitchen workers repeatedly harassed her by flashing penis-shaped dumplings at […]

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Bloggers Lawsuit Against HuffPo Dismissed

Last Friday, Judge John Koetl of the Southern District of NY threw out a purported $105 million lawsuit brought against the Huffington Post by a class of unpaid bloggers. The lead plaintiff was political gadfly Jonathan Tasini who has mounted several unsuccessful campaigns for federal office, against Hillary Clinton, Charles Rangel and Kirsten Gillibrand. Having […]