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Restaurant Workers Suit: I Was Harassed By Dumplings!

Looks like upscale NYC Chinese restaurant, Chin Chin, may be headed for an “X” rating instead of its current “A” from the NYC Dept. of Health if a former worker’s allegations are borne out! A former bartender filed a Federal lawsuit last week alleging that kitchen workers repeatedly harassed her by flashing penis-shaped dumplings at her during her work shift. The complaint is still not available online but I am sure it is alleging a “hostile workplace” and sexual harassment. According to the NY Daily News, Yvonne Diaz, 30, accuses kitchen staff at Chin Chin of harassing her with the dumplings three times a week from the time she was hired in 2007 until her departure in October. They would put the penis-shaped dumplings by their crotch and make lewd comments to her, she claims. The question arises: Who would put up with this serial pastry flashing for so long? If my math is right, three times a week for four years is over 600 incidents!

She also alleges that the workers would watch porn in the kitchen every Sunday and even put the dumpling phalluses on CUSTOMER’S PLATES after holding them by their crotch to harass Ms. Diaz! It may be time for restauranteur Jimmy Chin to take these off the menu! Other allegations include that the workers would make sexual comments about the celebrities that dined there including Jennifer Lopez. This case will turn on whether Ms. Diaz has any evidence of this conduct to back up her claims and some explanation for why it was allowed to go on for so long.

Let’s see how this pans out.

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Since 2007? I could be wrong but i feel shes exaggerating a bit. Maybe the staff wasn’t always nice to her. She couldn’t find another bartending job that entire time? Sounds like another angry new yorker who needs to be heard. I could be wrong. If she is right then its unacceptable. The period of time makes the story seem fishy..

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