Did Lindsay’s Nail Have a Profane Message?

I had previously commented about how poorly Lindsay Lohan was dressed for her court and how her lawyer needs to give her advice on that subject as well as her general court demeanor May 28,2010:

Lindsay Lohan Needs Damage Control ASAP! She Just Asked Chanel to Decorate her DWI Bracelet!

So now the web has pictures of her nails with a message scribbled on the middle finger “F*ck You”  She also appears to have scribbled “shhh” on the side of her hand as well.  Here are the pictures:

Now these could have been photo-shopped but they have been on the  net for over 10 hours now and there has been no declaration of a hoax. If they are real, then the girl is off the charts wacko and maybe even in bigger trouble when she shows up for her surrender date on July 20.

The judge is to be commended for giving her a  sentence that anyone else would have gotten in this case – she did not get extra time for being a celebrity and she did not get less time either.

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