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Say What You Want About Lenny Dykstra . . . . I Mean It, NY Ct. Rules You Can’t Defame Him.

The arc of Lenny “Nails” Dykstra’s life is like a roller coaster. Well at least that first part of the rollercoaster where you go up a huge hill, reach the top, and then speedily plummet to the bottom. Lenny’s hit so rock-bottom that recently a NY Judge ruled he is “libel-proof.” That is, his public […]


Did Lindsay’s Nail Have a Profane Message?

I had previously commented about how poorly Lindsay Lohan was dressed for her court and how her lawyer needs to give her advice on that subject as well as her general court demeanor May 28,2010: Lindsay Lohan Needs Damage Control ASAP! She Just Asked Chanel to Decorate her DWI Bracelet! So now the web has […]