Lindsay Lohan Needs Damage Control ASAP! She Just Asked Chanel to Decorate her DWI Bracelet!

Someone needs to speak with Shawn Chapman Holley,  Lindsay Lohan’s criminal defense attorney out in LaLa Land.  Now Holley, is an experienced high-profile lawyer at  one of California’s most powerful entertainment firms.  But apparently Lindsay Lohan is on auto-pilot.    On Monday, May 24, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ordered her to wear a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Electronic Monitoring) bracelet for the second time in a few years.  So here’s Lohan’s latest tweet:

Can CHANEL help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my Scram bracelet so I can at least wear a chic dress?! Maybe?!”

I am sure the judge is delighted to see how seriously she is taking this.  And I am sure that Lohan expects Chanel to do it for free, as well.   Lohan should get the Olsen Twins to add a line of Scram stickers to their fashion company catalog and have them license her name for it: (“LiLo Scramwear for The Glamorous Defendant!”) But first her lawyer should alert her that altering the bracelet in any way is a violation of her condition of release.

This is just the latest in a series of questionable maneuvers that demonstrate   that Lohan’s lawyer needs to rein her in. OK maybe it wasn’t the lawyer’s fault that Lohan was in Cannes on her court date and a warrant was issued.  But what explanation could there be for letting her walk into court looking like a stewardess in a porn movie? here’s the image

Photo by Toby Canham/ Getty Image

Absolutely a ridiculous shirt to wear to court especially before a female judge.  Then in court, her demeanor was atrocious:  slouched, looking incredulously at her lawyer, not looking at the judge when she was addressing her.  If Holley had prepped her for this appearance, it was not evident.  She needed more rehearsal time.  Then Holley tells the court that she failed to make treatment appointments  due to her uncle’s death.  The judge asks:  “Did she go to the funeral?”  The lawyer looks at Lindsay who shook her head no.   Now do you think the judge just got lucky? Of course not, I am sure she has read all the sordid Lindsay stories on the internet including her missing her uncle’s funeral to party. For example:

So if you didn’t know, now you know,  that this judge is watching you like a hawk and is clearly  trying to make a statement that you are not getting any preferential treatment.  Maybe not the time to be worrying about blinging out your ankle bracelet.  Ms Holley better step up the effort to make a better presentation before July 6, the next court date.  Otherwise Lindsay’s next tweet could be:

Can Martha Stewart help me out by getting me some stickers for my prison walls!? Maybe!?

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One of the problems with young people like her who have serious issues is that the people around her enable them. Perhaps her lawyer is one of those people. I also have to say, though, that I don’t think Lohan is merely exhibiting a sense of entitlement here, or immaturity–I think she also has a drug problem which is dictating her behavior. This is not something that is known for sure; it just seems to me that her behabior indicates such a problem.

I know from experience that it can be difficult trying to talk sense to high-maintenance, high-profile clients, especially celebrities. But you have to be willing to risk losing the client. Her lawyer’s main job is to protect her from herself. Drugs, immaturity, entitlement all may play a role, but if someone really wants to help her they have to talk straight to her.

Scott – Just saw this, that’s hysterical. I’m sure Judge Wong would have loved the shirt as well.

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