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Covid-19 Leave:Quick Update

So many of my employment law clients are calling and emailing me questions about their operations and responsibilities during this crisis, I thought I would just put this up for quick access .
Disclaimer: This answers only the basics of many questions received regarding amounts of benefits for which employees are eligible to receive under this law.  The DOL has also issued some initial guidance available  here.

Eligible Employees: If employer has fewer than 500 employees and leave is requested or needed for a COVID-19 Coronavirus related-absence.
Sick Leave
Covers employees regardless of length of employment. Up to 80 hours of Full pay (for part-timers, an average calculation) if employee is subject to a quarantine or isolation order, has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine, or is experiencing coronavirus symptoms and seeking medical diagnosis;
2/3rds pay if leave is to care for a family member or for a child whose school or daycare closed
Capped at $200 per day, or $2,000 in the aggregate.

Family Leave
Covers employees who have worked at least 30 days at employer.
Up to 12 weeks of first 10 days (i.e., interpreted as 2 weeks under current DOL guidance) is unpaid.
After the 10 days, remaining time at 2/3rds pay
Capped at $200 per day or $10,000 in the aggregate 

Employers are to receive a limited tax credit towards these payments. 

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