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Time to Right a Wrong in Brooklyn

I have represented David McCallum pro bono for over nine years in an effort to overturn his wrongful conviction. Our team in this effort is comprised of Dr. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Ken Klonsky and Gary Dolin of Innocence International in Canada; Professor Steven A. Drizin, Director of Northwestern University’s prestigious Center on Wrongful Conviction; and […]


Why Are Lawyers Committing Suicide?

CNN reported Monday that there has been a rash of suicides among lawyers in the past few years. According to their report, there was one lawyer-suicide a month in Oklahoma around 2004. South Carolina lost six lawyers within 18 months before July 2008. Kentucky has seen 15 known lawyer suicides since 2010. The article goes […]

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How a Small Business Can Lower and Control Legal Fees

At the risk of striking fear into the hearts of my fellow lawyers, I want to write about how businesses, particularly small and growing companies can lower and control their legal fees. While these tips are applicable to individuals and larger businesses, small businesses usually are the most affected by a sudden need to spend […]

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New Miranda Warning: Anything You Rap Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law!

Criminal courts around the country have been witness to a new phenomenon in trial evidence: rap lyrics written or recorded by the defendant used against them in their criminal trials. According to a survey by the American Civil Liberties Union, this evidence was offered in at least 18 reported cases around the country and the […]

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Inmate’s Own Motion Gets New Trial 22 Years After His Conviction

The value of persistence and perseverance is shown in the case of People v. Jarvis a decision rendered today by the Fourth Department, a NY Appellate Court covering several Upstate counties. 22 years ago, Kharye Jarvis was convicted in the execution-style shooting of two men in Monroe County. The original appeal of his conviction and […]

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Should States Allow Undocumented Aliens to Become Licensed Attorneys?

My answer is: “It depends.” I know, typical lawyer response, but this is a difficult issue for me on many levels and one which many states will soon be dealing with. The State of California’s Supreme Court issued a decision Friday holding that there is no reason under State law why an documented immigrant should […]