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Constitutional Law

NY Fed.Court: Starbucks Can’t Stop Coffeehouse from Selling “Charbucks” Coffee

Starbucks received a big legal blow last week when the Second Circuit (NY’s Federal Appeals Court) held that use of the phrase “Charbucks” by a New Hampshire coffeehouse does not dilute the “Starbucks” trademark. The Black Bear Coffee Micro Roastery in New Hampshire began marketing “Charbucks Blend” and “Mister Charbucks Coffee” in 1997 and was […]

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Copyright Law

Getty’s Woes Over Haitian Earthquake Photos Continue!

I was able to observe the damages trial in the case of Daniel Morel v. Getty Images and Agence France Presse today. I have previously written about this case on this blog: (…r-daniel-morel/). Quick summary: Morel is professional photographer who was able to capture tremendous images from the Haitian Earthquake. A native of Haiti, he […]