General Litigation

We’re Returning to Normal. But What If I’m Not Ready?

I was a guy in the courthouse halls you wanted to run into. I liked to chat people up; tell a joke or quick war story; ask for and give advice on a case, a judge, etc. As we are coming out of the pandemic with courts returning to live in-person appearances you would think […]

Employment Law

Payroll Tax Order Causes More Problems Than It Solves

This past Saturday, from the golf course, President Trump signed an executive order touted as a relief to employees from payroll tax. The order relieves employers from collecting the employees’ share of payroll tax. But issued without any guidance from the Treasury Department or the IRS, it raises many more issues than it purports to […]


What Will Jurors Be Like Post-Covid?

Over the last few days or so, I have seen that lawyers, judges and clients alike are starting to wake up out of their covid-comas and are thinking about getting back to normality – whatever that was – heck, let’s just call it the pre-covid days. More courts are scheduling video or phone conferences; lawyers […]