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Nov 18 2013

Getty’s Woes Over Haitian Earthquake Photos Continue!

I was able to observe the damages trial in the case of Daniel Morel v. Getty Images and Agence France Presse today. I have previously written about this case on this blog: (https://www.courtroomstrategy.com/2013/01/getty-images-l…r-daniel-morel/). Quick summary: Morel is professional photographer who was able to capture tremendous images from the Haitian Earthquake. A native of Haiti, he …

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Jan 17 2013

Getty Images Loses Major Case Brought By Photographer Daniel Morel

To say that photo warehouse giant Getty Images just got a taste of its own medicine would be an understatement. In a 58-page decision issued on Jan. 14, Southern District on New York Judge Alison Nathan ruled that Getty, Agence France Presse (AFP), and The Washington Post infringed Morel’s copyrights by disseminating photos he took …

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Aug 28 2012

Getty Images Pays $100K to Settle Car-Freshener Suit

Last month, stock photo giant Getty Images paid $100,000 to Car-Freshener Corp., makers of those ubiquitous tree-shaped air fresheners. Getty Images had several stock photos for license and sale in their catalog that included the famous trademarked fresheners. The federal lawsuit was filed in November 2009 and was reported on in this blog in October …

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Apr 23 2012

NY Court Rules Calling Someone “Extortionist” Is Not Defamatory

The then Mayor of the Village of Freeport was vindicated by the Second Department (a NY Appeals court covering Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and parts of Upstate NY), for remarks he made in a public election debate during which he called the plaintiff, a commercial real estate developer, “an extortionist” who was “trying …

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