General Litigation

Appeals Panel Upholds Applying Social Host Law to 18 Year Olds

Nassau County passed the first-ever  Social Host Law in New York State.  The law prohibits anyone over the age of 18 from allowing alcohol consumption by anyone under 21 years of age on  premises that they own, rent or otherwise control.  Before the law came into effect in 2007, a person would only get arrested […]


Pet Owners Beware:Playful Dog May Lead to Liability. Man Held Responsible for Mother-In-Law’s Injury Due to “Jumpy” Dog

A Judge in Brooklyn’s Supreme Court has held that  a pet owner can be automatically responsible for injuries caused by a dog that has a history of playfully jumping on people. As the owner of a 9 pound Shi-Poo who loves to greet guests this way, the case attracted my attention.  Now my little furry […]