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“Blurred Lines” Verdict Will Blur the Lines of Copyright For Years To Come

Yesterday a federal jury awarded the Estate of Marvin Gaye $7.3 Million finding that the Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, songwriters of the hit song “Blurred Lines,” had infringed on the Marvin Gaye song “Got to Give it Up.” Even though the judge rejected the Gaye family’s most dangerous argument – – that a song’s […]

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Loss of Focus Caused Loss of Case -Top 5 Reasons for the Not Guilty Verdict

The acquittal of George Zimmerman may make me very uncomfortable, but it was inevitable. This case says less about racial equality and racial profiling in America than it says about the State of Florida and its criminal justice system. Here are some quick thoughts on why this verdict was rendered: (1) the Government overcharged the […]

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No one to Blame But Ourselves for Casey Anthony Verdict – How Long Till She’s On Dancing With the Stars?

OK let the outrage set in – everyone thought she was clearly guilty but now Casey Anthony has been acquitted in the murder of her own daughter and everyone is freaking out. I can give you the standard trial lawyer explanation – the verdict is “Not Guilty” its not “Innocent” Just because the jury said […]