Constitutional Law Copyright Law

Can Posting a Spoiler Violate Copyright Law? AMC Says “Hell Yes!” and “We’ll Sue You If You Do!”

Everybody hates Internet spoilers. You know,those people who either binge-watch a fully-uploaded whole season before you get to Episode 3 or who feel the need to review the most recent episode of a weekly show immediately after it airs while you planned on watching it via your DVR two days later. Spoilers like that are […]

General Intellectual Property Litigation

“The Bachelor” Producers File Lawsuit to Silence Blogger “Reality Steve”

In a move that may be an example of cutting one’s nose off to spite one’s face, the producers of the immensely popular dating elimination show “The Bachelor” have filed a Federal lawsuit in an attempt to shut down “,” the website of Steve Carbone. For years, “Reality Steve” has written about all of the […]