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Supreme Court Issues First Split Decision Since Scalia’s Death

The Supreme Court today issued its first evenly split ruling since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia: a decision in a minor banking case called Hawkins v. Community Bank of Raymore involving spouses who serve as guarantors for each other’s debts. The spouses claimed that they were forced to sign the guaranties due to their […]

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Fishy Case Makes SCOTUS Question Feds Prosecutions

The US Attorney’s Office took a beating in oral arguments before the Supreme Court yesterday over a case involving illegal fishing. The case shows how the Office often stretches the language and meaning of criminal statutes to cover actions that were never meant to be covered by the statute.  I have never been a fan […]

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Scalia’s Constricted View of the Constitution is Wrong and Dangerous

I wish Antonin Scalia was just that crazy old uncle in every family that we all kind of put up with.  You know, the type that’s stuck in the past, who still wishes he could hear Jack Benny on the radio, and calls women “gals” and African Americans “the coloreds.”  But unfortunately Scalia is 1 […]