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In its treatment of Ronald Sullivan, Harvard Chooses Political Correctness Over the US Constitution

Harvard University said this week that Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr., a law professor who has represented disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein would not continue as faculty dean of Winthrop House, an undergraduate house after his term ends on June 30, cowing to months of pressure from students. The professor, Ronald S. Sullivan Jr., and his […]

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Client: “I’m Not Guilty!” – Lawyer: “Yes, You Are!” SCOTUS to Rule on Who Decides in Louisiana Death Penalty Case

Louisiana man Robert McCoy was accused of killing Christine Colston Young, Willie Young and Gregory Colston, who were the mother, stepfather and son of Mr. McCoy’s estranged wife. There was substantial evidence that he had done so. The actual shooting was caught on tape as the victim had called 911 upon the shooter’s arrival and […]

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Gov’t Seeks to Remove Lawyer From Criminal Case: A Warning to All Lawyers

Persons and corporations charged with federal offenses are wise to carefully select qualified counsel to represent them in Federal Court. Hip Hop mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond (he manages The Game, Brandy and Akon among others) did just that when he retained Jeffery Lichtman, one of NY’s most prominent and skilled Federal criminal defense lawyers. […]