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Apple’s Fight of Court Order Is About Democracy Not Terrorism

It sounds like a simple request: The FBI would like Apple to help it un-encrypt San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone to find out information about who he and wife Tashfeen Malik collaborated with. After all, who wouldn’t want to help Uncle Sam fight terrorism? Well, Apple, that’s who; after months of negotiation with […]

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If You’re A Criminal Be Careful Who Your Friends Are (Or Don’t Be An Idiot and Post About Your Crimes on FB!)

Social media’s insertion into the courtroom continues as a NY Federal Judge ruled that a criminal defendant’s Facebook posts about his criminal activity could form the bass for a search warrant into his home. Federal prosecutors got a look at Melvin Colon’s Facebook profile through the account of one of Colon’s friends, who was a […]