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Apr 18 2017

Hush Your Pretty Little Mouth: Gender and Interruption at the Supreme Court

In Adam Liptak’s NY times column today, he reports about a Northwestern University Law School study that examined the esoteric issue of interruptions in Supreme Court arguments.The study looked at 7,239 interruptions of justices and lawyers by other justices and lawyers occurring between 2004 through 2015. Now, that’s a lot but interruptions are part of …

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Jan 14 2013

The Sphinx Opens! Justice Thomas Speaks at an Oral Argument for the First Time in 7 Years!

Where were you on February 22, 2006? You probably don’t remember, but that auspicious date was the last time Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said anything at all at an oral argument before the High Court. Supreme Court arguments are of course the most complex, high-level appellate advocacy in the country and probably the world. …

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