Constitutional Law

Creative Clinic Formed to Help Cyber-Harassment Victims

Last week, my alma mater, New York Law School, opened up the only pro bono law school clinic providing free counsel to victims of cyberharassment. The Tyler Clementi Institute for Internet Safety at New York Law School is named after the young New Jersey man who committed suicide after his college roommate shared surreptitiously recorded […]

General Litigation

Law Students Hit With Harsh Reality as Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Their Former Law School

As a graduate of New York Law School and an adjunct professor there for the past seven years, I was following with interest a lawsuit filed by several NYLS grads against the school. Their claim was that NYLS engaged in false and misleading marketing when it posted its graduate’s employment information and that this false […]


The Ivory Tower Attacks Itself!

A professor at Georgetown University Law Center has written a report that  concluded that law schools need to stop focusing on esoteric scholarship and instead hire more professors with real-world experience. Adjunct professor Brent Evan Newton advances his theory in “Preaching What They Don’t Practice: Why Law Faculties’ Preoccupation with Impractical Scholarship and Devaluation of […]