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NY Court: Low Level Sex Offenders Can Live Near Schools

The Court of Appeals, New York’s highest court, ruled yesterday that Nassau County and other localities don’t have the authority to restrict where convicted sex offenders can live. The Court voted 5-0 to strike down a 2006 Nassau County law that banned convicted sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school; the Court […]


SAT Cheater’s 60 Minutes Interview Is Another Stupid Move

SAT test-taker and cheat Sam Eshaghoff and his lawyer appear tomorrow on 60 Minutes to discuss the criminal case and why he cheated. Normally, I get wanted to capitalize on your 15 minutes of fame, even if its 15 minutes of infamy, but this is a bone-headed move that makes you wonder how smart he […]

General Litigation

Appeals Panel Upholds Applying Social Host Law to 18 Year Olds

Nassau County passed the first-ever  Social Host Law in New York State.  The law prohibits anyone over the age of 18 from allowing alcohol consumption by anyone under 21 years of age on  premises that they own, rent or otherwise control.  Before the law came into effect in 2007, a person would only get arrested […]


Improving Nassau County’s Arraignment Practices

Awhile ago I wrote an article for “The Attorney” Magazine about the inequities of the arraignment process in Nassau County.  The article resulted in the re-construction and re-alignment of the courtroom where arraignments are held with the moving of the District Attorney’s desk from the front of the courtroom at the right hand of the […]