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Did Missouri Just Execute an Innocent Man? Very Likely.

One death in the large daily death toll from yesterday stands out because it did not come as result of the covid-19 virus. Instead, Walter Barton’s death came shortly after 6 p.m. when the State of Missouri injected him with a lethal dose of the drug pentobarbital at the Missouri Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional […]

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Kid Glove Treatment of Officer Wilson Big Reason Behind Grand Jury Finding

I know its late in this rapid-fire digital age to be posting about Michael Brown. After all, all the talking heads on TV have been blabbing on about their “expert opinions” all day. But unlike them I actually have a practice and was in court all day. I also find it interesting that many of […]

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Helping Exonerate Man Costs Court Staffer Her Job

By way of my cousin Olga, I learned of a story that made my head spin. As reported in the Kansas City Star, Sharon Snyder has worked in the Missouri court system for 34 years. She was due to retire in less than a year when she was approached by a woman named Sea Dunnell. […]