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Why $10 Million for Marty Tankleff is Not Enough

Suffolk County lawmakers on Thursday approved a $10 million settlement for Martin Tankleff, who served 17 years in prison for killing his parents before an appellate court overturned the conviction in 2007. The legislature’s Ways and Means Committee voted 5-0 for the settlement, which was recommended by County Attorney Dennis Brown. “There’s no amount of […]

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Time to Right a Wrong in Brooklyn

I have represented David McCallum pro bono for over nine years in an effort to overturn his wrongful conviction. Our team in this effort is comprised of Dr. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Ken Klonsky and Gary Dolin of Innocence International in Canada; Professor Steven A. Drizin, Director of Northwestern University’s prestigious Center on Wrongful Conviction; and […]

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AG Ordered to Turn Over Evidence in Tankleff Case

In a decision filed Friday by Federal Magistrate Judge William Wall, the NY State Attorney General’s Office was ordered to turn over its files in the Marty Tankleff case to Tankleff’s civil lawyers. To the lay person , it must seem like a simple request – Now that my conviction has been overturned, can I […]