Constitutional Law Litigation

The Sphinx Opens! Justice Thomas Speaks at an Oral Argument for the First Time in 7 Years!

Where were you on February 22, 2006? You probably don’t remember, but that auspicious date was the last time Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said anything at all at an oral argument before the High Court. Supreme Court arguments are of course the most complex, high-level appellate advocacy in the country and probably the world. […]

Constitutional Law General Litigation

Prosecutorial Misconduct Causes US Supreme Court to Overturn Murder Conviction -But Justice Thomas Just Doesn’t Get It.

In another blow to New Orleans DA Harry Connick (Father of the singer Harry Connick Jr) the US Supreme Court once again found that his office withheld exculpatory evidence from a defendant in a capital murder trial. There is a long history of problems in Connick’s office. In 1995, Esquire photographed him, for a piece […]