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NY Court Finds Loose Affilitiation of CyberCriminals to be “Enterprise” Under Organized Crime Act

When you think of the phrase “criminal enterprise,”  certain images immediately pop in your head. Vito Corleone, Scarface, Joe Pesci.  But NY courts have long expanded the term “criminal enterprise” to include any band of criminals working within “an ascertainable  structure.” NY Penal Law §460.10(3) defines criminal enterprise as “a group of persons sharing a […]


From Cyberbullying to Suicide to Arrest. Only Possible In the FB Generation

I could write about how Tyler Clementi’s suicide was in part fueled by the rampant anti-gay rhetoric of  Tea Party people and their candidates. Or how incredibly sad it is that in 2010 being outted as gay is still something that would drive a talented young man to jump off the George Washington Bridge. But […]