Snapchat Sued Over Speed Filter After User Crashed at 107MPH

So apparently social media app Snapchat seems to have a knack for getting into trouble. First, teens and pre-teens loved the app as a vehicle to send nude photos because the pictures supposedly disappeared soon after sending them. But capturing a screenshot of your phone saved the pics forever and soon enough people were sharing […]

Constitutional Law Litigation

Two Cases Test Reach of First Amendment – The KKK Wants to Sponsor a Highway and Some Texas Cheerleaders Use Bible Banners at Public School Athletic Games!

Yesterday I had the privilege of judging a Quarter-Final round of the New York Law School Froessel Moot Court Competition. The competition seeks to recreate a Constitutional law argument before the US Supreme Court and this year’s problem focused on the First Amendment’s Free Speech Clause. Specifically it involved whether a school could punish students […]


Georgia School Shows Zero Tolerance But Plenty of Idiocy

Congratulations to Gwinnett County School System for winning the coveted Courtroom Strategy Bonehead Legal Move of the Year Award for 2012. I know what your thinking – Oscar its only January How can you possibly award this now? Because I am confident that no application of a governmental rule or law will stop this one […]