Aunt Loses Lawsuit Against 8 yr Old Nephew For Birthday Hug That Broke Her Wrist

You can file this story under a number of headlines: (1) Why People Hate Lawyers (2) Thank God Common Sense Prevailed (3) Worst Lawsuits of the 21st and 20th Century and (4) Is This From The Onion? A Manhattan woman actually filed a lawsuit against her 8 year old nephew because when she arrived at […]

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State Court Judge Wants Lawyer to Explain High Damages Claim in Contract Case – Could Be Start of Trend Against Copyright Trolls

In this morning’s NY Law Journal, I read an interesting case out of Suffolk County NY involving a piano. It seems that the plaintiffs,Paul and Karen Palmieri, purchased a rebuilt, refinished Weber 6′ grand piano for $9,000 in 1996 from The Piano Exchange in Glen Cove. The agreement’s terms called for a “rebuilt and refurnished-matching […]