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Copyright Law

Florida Case May Test Limits of Protecting Jewelry Designs

Last month, Florida jewelry designer Coralia Leets filed a Federal trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida alleging that defendant Gab-Cos, Inc. stole her design for pendants and earrings that featured a teardrop look surrounded by a ring of hammered gold. Leets also alleged that others sold imitations of her […]

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Facebook Fighting Strange Case in Western NY

This week, a Federal lawsuit was filed in Buffalo NY against Facebook, Inc. and its principal shareholder Mark Zuckerberg, by a man named Paul Ceglia. Ceglia claims that Zuckerberg answered Ceglia’s ad back in the day to help Ceglia develop software for a street-mapping program Ceglia was trying to get started. Ceglia claims he paid […]