Constitutional Law

Dustin Higgs’ Execution Was Wrong and What Sotomayor Had to Say About it is Right.

The Supreme Court allowed the execution of  Dustin Higgs late Friday, making Higgs the thirteenth person to be killed by the federal government since July. Since July. And after seventeen years without a single federal execution. Higgs’ execution was a miscarriage of justice for a number of issues. First of all, he was suffering from covid-19 […]

Criminal Law

“Advice of Counsel” Defense is Perilous

President Donald Trump offered a defense Thursday to accusations he broke campaign finance law by directing his longtime attorney/fixer Michael Cohen to orchestrate hush-money payments to conceal at least two of Trump’s alleged affairs: He was just following his lawyer’s advice. His exact statement was put out on Twitter: “I never directed Michael Cohen to […]


Reversal of 33 Year Sentence Shows Danger of Ineffective Lawyering and Federal System

Too many articles have been written about the harsh, unforgiving Federal sentencing system for me to chime in at this point. But a recent decision in the case US v. Harris by Judge Joanna Seybert shows how fragile the future of those accused of federal crimes can be due to the system. The defendant Elvin […]