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Do New Labor Dept Rules Signal the Return of the Unpaid Internship?

The U.S. Dept. of Labor has announced it will use a new seven-factor test for deciding whether an internship position qualifies for an unpaid status under the minimum wage provision in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The guidelines shift the focus from whether the intern is the primary beneficiary of the relationship to whether […]

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Feds Hit Long Island Restaurants Hard for Fair Wage Claims

In any case anybody hasn’t been paying attention, Federal and State Departments of Labor (DOL) have been hitting restaurants for Fair Wage Claims very aggressively in 2011. Trust me, it won’t slow down in 2012. Yesterday’s Newsday reported that the Federal DOL had reached a settlement with over 30 restaurants totaling $2.3 Million in claims. […]

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Lawsuit Against Mario Batali’s Restaurants Heating Up

In May of this year, NY Federal Judge Richard Howell dealt a huge blow to famed restauranteur Mario Batali and his partner Joseph Bastianich by granting class action certification to a lawsuit filed by about a dozen or so employees of their famed eateries. The Wage and Hour lawsuit makes several claims against the pair […]

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Celeb Chef’s Case Shows Danger of Fair Wage Claims

Gregory Zakarian is a restaurant rock star. He appears regularly on The Food Network; owns the well-reviewed Lambs Club restaurant in the Chatwal Hotel off Times Square as well as the National Bar and Dining Rooms in the Benjamin Hotel in Midtown Manhattan; he oversees food and beverages at the luxurious Water Club at the […]