Intellectual Property

Fed Ct. Chooses Law Over Art: Warhol Piece Was Not Fair Use of a Prince Photograph

In a major loss for the Andy Warhol Foundation, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that the famed artist did not make “fair use” of celebrity photographer Lynn Goldsmith’s 1981 portrait of Prince for his own 1984 series of similar-looking images. The decision overturns one made in 2019 by the Southern District Court of […]

Intellectual Property Litigation

SCOTUS Saves Google Billions By Finding its Copying of Oracle Software was Fair Use

The copyright case of the century Google v. Oracle has been resolved – in Google’s favor.  The SCOTUS decision was 6-2 with Barrett not voting since she was not on the bench for oral argument. VERY BRIEF AND STRIPPED DOWN VERSION OF FACTS: • 1990 – Sun Microsystems developed Java programming language critical to operation […]