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Extortion Letter of a Different Kind – This One’s from Uncle Sam!!

So I have openly railed against copyright and trademark trolls using extortionate letters to extract unreasonable settlement amounts from folks accused of infringing on their intellectual property. In fact, I have a whole website devoted to the topic: But Wednesday’s Newsday had a cover story about Long Island Railroad disability pension fraud that revealed […]

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NY Court Rules Calling Someone “Extortionist” Is Not Defamatory

The then Mayor of the Village of Freeport was vindicated by the Second Department (a NY Appeals court covering Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and parts of Upstate NY), for remarks he made in a public election debate during which he called the plaintiff, a commercial real estate developer, “an extortionist” who was “trying […]

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Caution: Your Website Images May Be Illegal!

One of the other websites I am associated with,  is devoted to the issue of digital imagery on the web and the copyright attached to them.  A number of the world’s largest digital image warehouses, notably Getty Images, Masterfile and Corbis, have begun asserting claims for images controlled by them and used by […]