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How to Fix a Drug Scandal? Netflix Answers: Good Lawyering

The four-episode Netflix series, How to Fix a Drug Scandal (HFDS) was released on Netflix on Wednesday. It comes from filmmaker Erin Lee Carr (also known for HBO’s 2019 amazing documentary¬†At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal, as well as other compelling documentaries like I Love You Now Die and Mommie Dead […]

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HBO Doc on “Cannibal Cop” Shows Ugly Side of Net and Law

Last night HBO debuted its intriguing documentary “Thought Crimes” focusing on the Cannibal Cop case here in NY. The trial and the show exposed a dark side of the Internet, revealing chat rooms and websites devoted to discussion and fantasy about kidnapping, raping and even murdering women. But it also showed the potential danger of […]