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Shutting Down a Neo-Nazi Website Can Be More Dangerous Than the Neo-Nazis

In an article published last night, TThe Electronic Frontier Foundation makes strong arguments why it was wrong for Google. Cloudflare and GoDaddy to refuse to continue to manage the domain of The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website and magazine. Allowing these major controllers of the Internet to shut a site down based on legal content […]

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New Copyright Regs Could Screw Website Owners: Seriously, Beware!

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation comes this news: Under a new rule from the Copyright Office, website owners could be exposed to massive risk of copyright liability simply for neglecting to submit an online form on time. The rule could eliminate the safe harbor status that thousands of websites receive under the Digital Millennium Copyright […]

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NY Federal Court Rules Copyright Trolls Cannot Use “Negligence” Theory

In another major blow to copyright lawsuits filed by the porn industry, Judge Lewis Kaplan of the Southern District of NY, ruled that porn distributor Liberty Media could not rely on a theory of negligence in its copyright infringement case against a NY man named Cary Tabora. The complaint alleged that Tabora’s roommate, Schuyler Whetstone, […]