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Aug 29 2017

Conn. Appoints Lawyers for Dogs and Cats – Sorry, Its a Bad Idea in My Book

Last year, Connecticut enacted “Desmond’s Law” a law that made it the first state to allow judges to appoint lawyers and law students as advocates for dogs and cats in cases of cruelty, abuse and neglect. Similar roles have been established in courts at the county level, and Rhode Island enacted a law in 2012 …

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Jun 10 2015

NY Court Lets Dog Owners Off the Hook For Dogs Running Off the Leash

NY has long held that dog owners cannot be held liable for injuries caused by their domestic animals unless the injured party could prove that the owners were aware of the animal’s vicious propensities “Vicious propensities” did not mean you had to show they were necessarily aggressive or likely to bite, just that the owner …

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Aug 09 2011

Dog Helps Child Victim Testify in Court: Its Cute, Its Helpful But is it Fair?

A young girl of 15 testified against her father in a courtroom in Poughkeepsie the other day. The charges against the father was that he had forced his child to have sex with him and he impregnated her. No one can imagine the stress that the girl was dealing with in having to stare down …

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