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Cosby Reversal Not a Vindication for Him

Online commentators and graduates of Twitter law school are screaming that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s overturning of the sexual assault conviction of Bill Cosby is a blow to the #MeToo movement and an insult to the women who came forward to testify and accuse him. While it certainly must be seen by those women as […]

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ABC’s New Show “Conviction” Is Guilty of Being Terrible

It would have been impossible to imagine say 5 years ago that the exoneration of the wrongfully convicted has become so mainstream and commonplace that it would be the subject of a network prime-time drama. But tonight, ABC unveiled “Conviction” starring Hayley Atwell in the lead role as a lawyer heading the NY County DA’s […]

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Fed Prosecutors’ Anonymous Social Media Posts Cause Overturning of Convictions in High-Profile New Orleans Murder Trial

I have blogged quite often about how social media has impacted trials and lawyering, but a decision last week by Federal Judge Kurt D. Englehardt of the District Court in New Orleans was a huge setback in the Justice’ Dept.’s efforts to reform the New Orleans Police Dept. and hold some of its officers accountable […]


Her Brother’s Keeper

The story of Betty Anne Walters has been made into a movie called “Conviction” starring Hilary Swank, reviewed in today’s NY Times.  It’s a story of the value of perseverance and strength and a reminder of the difficulty involved in exonerating the wrongfully convicted. Betty Anne’s brother Kenny was convicted of  murder in Rhode Island.  […]