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Penalty Provisions in Reality TV Contracts – Fair or Unenforceable?

In 1968, visionary pop artist Andy Warhol proclaimed in a catalog promoting an art show of his in Sweden that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Reality TV has certainly proven the truth of his claim. Having worked with individuals and production companies in the reality TV field, one of the […]


Lawsuit between Designer Christian Soriano and Talent Agency Reveals Necessity for Written Agreements

Last month, Project Runway winner Christian Soriano was sued by Designer’s Management Agency (DMA) for unpaid commission. According to the complaint, DMA negotiated Soriano’s highly touted deal with Payless to design shoes for its company. Payless has already put out several lines of the Soriano-designed shoes which Payless hoped would elevate its brand. Now DMA […]