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Conn. Appoints Lawyers for Dogs and Cats – Sorry, Its a Bad Idea in My Book

Last year, Connecticut enacted “Desmond’s Law” a law that made it the first state to allow judges to appoint lawyers and law students as advocates for dogs and cats in cases of cruelty, abuse and neglect. Similar roles have been established in courts at the county level, and Rhode Island enacted a law in 2012 […]


Aunt Loses Lawsuit Against 8 yr Old Nephew For Birthday Hug That Broke Her Wrist

You can file this story under a number of headlines: (1) Why People Hate Lawyers (2) Thank God Common Sense Prevailed (3) Worst Lawsuits of the 21st and 20th Century and (4) Is This From The Onion? A Manhattan woman actually filed a lawsuit against her 8 year old nephew because when she arrived at […]