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Troll Lawyer Denied Attorney’s Fees in Copyright Lawsuit

In an important decision from the Federal Court for the District of Oregon, a court has denied attorney’s fees to a successful copyright litigant because the court ruled that in this instance the award did not further the purposes of the Copyright Act. The lawsuit involves the pervasive litigation filed by porn companies against folks […]

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State Court Judge Wants Lawyer to Explain High Damages Claim in Contract Case – Could Be Start of Trend Against Copyright Trolls

In this morning’s NY Law Journal, I read an interesting case out of Suffolk County NY involving a piano. It seems that the plaintiffs,Paul and Karen Palmieri, purchased a rebuilt, refinished Weber 6′ grand piano for $9,000 in 1996 from The Piano Exchange in Glen Cove. The agreement’s terms called for a “rebuilt and refurnished-matching […]