Criminal Law Litigation

Cohen Search Warrant is Nothing New

The President is screaming that the search warrant executed on the offices Michael Cohen, his longtime attorney, is an attack on our country and a violation of the attorney-client privilege. First of all, 9-11 was an attack on our country; this search is just one step in a long criminal investigation. But Presidential histrionics aside, […]

Copyright Law Intellectual Property Litigation

State Court Judge Wants Lawyer to Explain High Damages Claim in Contract Case – Could Be Start of Trend Against Copyright Trolls

In this morning’s NY Law Journal, I read an interesting case out of Suffolk County NY involving a piano. It seems that the plaintiffs,Paul and Karen Palmieri, purchased a rebuilt, refinished Weber 6′ grand piano for $9,000 in 1996 from The Piano Exchange in Glen Cove. The agreement’s terms called for a “rebuilt and refurnished-matching […]