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Defense Dep’t Says US Gov’t Not Guantanamo Detainees Own Art Detainees Created

The Dept of Defense changed a policy this month affecting the 41 remaining detainees at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, known as Gitmo. The DOD ruled that detainees did not possess the artwork they created while detained and could not display it publicly or sell it. Art classes started at Gitmo “in the later years of […]

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Art Gallery’s Plan To Exhibit Hacked Celeb Photos Should Be Stopped

By now we have all heard that due to an apparent glitch in the iCloud function, dozens of nude and compromising photos of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and others have been spread all over the Internet. So now to add insult to injury, comes word that an LA Artist that goes by […]

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Appellate Court Awards Russian Centerpiece to Antique Dealer

Last week, a NY Appellate Court resolved litigation over an antique monumental centerpiece dating back to the time of Czar Nicholas I in favor of an antique dealer (represented by yours truly) who had purchased the piece from a collector. In Malekan v. Sakai Antiques NY’s First Department upheld as a valid contract a handwritten […]