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Fed Ct: Officer Immune for Arresting Florida Man with “I Eat Ass” Bumper Sticker on His Truck

In a funny-not-funny example of the wide berth given to police officers under the qualified immunity doctrine, a Federal Court in Florida dismissed a wrongful arrest suit brought by Dillon Webb after he was arrested for displaying an “I Eat Ass” bumper sticker on his truck. Dillon Shane Webb, 23, was stopped on a highway […]

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NY Appellate Court: Police Had No Right To Arrest Person Who Fled

In marking a clear difference between what’s enough to stop a suspect and what’s enough to justify an arrest, the Fourth Department, the State appellate court covering Upstate NY, overturned a conviction based on the guilty plea of one Belton Lee. People v. Belton Lee 2013 WL 5496151 (4th Dep’t 2013). Two Canandaigua police officers […]