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Can the Visually Impaired “See” Your Website? If Not – You May be Sued!

It seems odd that a company or business could be sued over its website not being able to be read by the visually-impaired, but more and more companies are facing lawsuits brought by the visually-impaired (and their lawyers of course)over such claims. Claims have also been brought by the hearing-impaired against companies with websites that […]

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Congress Must Stop the ADA Shakedown Racket – And Here’s How

Like many statutes that are passed to correct a societal wrong, creative members of the legal community find a way to monetize the situation. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed with the noblest of intentions -to make sure that places of public accommodation were accessible to the handicapped. Who could argue with that? […]


Handicapped Spots Versus To-Go Spots: Who Wins?

Restaurants want to know: What takes preference? Handicapped spots or those “To-Go” Spots? I addressed that question for the California newspaper, The Press Enterprise recently and the article came out today.  Here’s the link: PE_News_Local_D_traffic13.2d5429f.html