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Prosecutor Overreach and Actual Facts Led to Kate Steinle Case Acquittal

Some cases take on a bigger life. Some cases get caught up in a political firestorm. Sacco and Vanzetti, The Scopes trial, The Rosenbergs, Willie Horton, Rodney King to name a few. They end up being not about what actually happened but about some larger societal issue that is reflected in the case. Anarchists, Evolution, […]

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OJ Prosecutor’s Claim That Glove Was Tampered With Is Embarrassing

In a panel discussion at Pace University Law School, Chris Darden, the man who along with Marcia Clarke lost the 1995 OJ Simpson murder trial made this ridiculous claim about the famous glove that OJ tried on unsuccessfully during the trial: “I think Johnnie [Cochran, OJ’s lead defense counsel] tore the lining. There were some […]