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Constitutional Law

If You’re A Criminal Be Careful Who Your Friends Are (Or Don’t Be An Idiot and Post About Your Crimes on FB!)

Social media’s insertion into the courtroom continues as a NY Federal Judge ruled that a criminal defendant’s Facebook posts about his criminal activity could form the bass for a search warrant into his home. Federal prosecutors got a look at Melvin Colon’s Facebook profile through the account of one of Colon’s friends, who was a […]

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So You Think You Can Trademark?

Because most folks are unclear about what a trademark actually is or how it can help protect your business and because not a week goes by that someone doesn’t call me with a great idea they want to “trademark” I thought I would draft a quick basic guide to trademark that should address the most […]

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Entertainment Law

Meet the Copyright Thief No One Will Prosecute!

Hollywood and the music industry have been on a rampage railing against copyright abuse, sending cease and desist letters with outrageous monetary demands to little girls, schoolteachers, and yes repeat hackers who illegally download and distribute their films and albums. Yet, right there on Page 1 of the NY Times, is a story about one […]