Knox Verdict Overturned by Italian Appeals Court

In a stunning reversal of a conviction of Washington University student Amanda Knox, an Italian Appeals court, comprised of a jury and two judges, voted to overturn her murder conviction and immediately release her. She should be back home in Seattle very soon. If you’re not familiar with the case, I wrote about it when she was first convicted, in December2009. Here’s a link to my original post:

The evidence was sketchy and the Italian media demonized her and made a frenzy out of the trial. As I said then, I don’t know if she was guilty, I only know that it seemed the case was weak and not fairly presented. There will likely be a huge uproar in Italy over this result and the victim’s family is left with more questions and doubt than ever.

Of course, the media frenzy here is just beginning. Some outlet will pay $1 Million for her story; except they’re not honest enough to call it that, they say they are paying for the exclusive use of her pictures because they don’t want to be on record as “paying for a story.” So Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric will nab the first interview, then the book deal and then the movie deal. Maybe they can get Casey Anthony to play her!

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